Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

HE is RISEN!! HE is RISEN, Indeed!

Gabe and I went to early church service, while Avery went and played with her friends in the nursery! Pastor Brady challenged all of us to "plant good seeds"! You should really watch the sermon sometime this week if you get a chance! It was powerful! Thank you Jesus for dying such a terrible death, so that all of us can live in FREEDOM! You love us so much and I am so thankful!

Brunch at Don and Diana's house was delicious! Aunt Diana always does an incredible job with entertaining, not to mention her amazing food! They hid some eggs for Avery with O's in them, so of course Avery had fun finding them! Thank you so much for a lovely brunch and all the gifts you gave both me and Avery! You guys are a blessing to us! It was so nice to spend Easter with some family! We got to see Grandpa and Grandma, Ash, Maddie and my friend Kim from College. We always love seeing every one of you!

Before we went to evening service, we spent some time blowing bubbles and laughing on our back deck! It was a beautiful Easter Day!

Playing in the backyard!

Giggles! Daddy was tickling her!



Ash and Maddie

Aunt Diana and Mia (she really wanted in the photo!)

Bubbles with Grandpa

Bunny ears and Grandma

She found one of her O's eggs!

Before Easter service

Avery with two of our BASE 56 Students, Tara and Faith

Checking out her Easter basket

Books, bubbles, a ball, and her very own bucket and shovel! We will be planting flowers very soon!

Avery's 1st Easter basket! We didn't get her one last year...she was so brand new!

What a difference a year makes! Easter 2009

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter!


The Botts Family said...

Hey Ashley!! It was great to hear from you and read all about your beautiful family! Aren't facebook and blogs amazing? It's so neat to catch up with so many people from the past!! I had Caroline last July and she is now 9 months old! I can't believe how quickly time fies! Avery is just adorable and I can tell you are loving being a mom! It really is the best feeling ever! Definitely keep in touch!

Amanda E. Loyd said...

Miss Ashley,

It's wonderful to see what's new in your life. What a beautiful family you have! Your daughter Avery is precious. I see you have blessed beyond belief, and rightfully so. I love to see whose who are kind and loving receive blessings from God. :) Have an amazing day!