Friday, May 1, 2009

Rampart RAMS!

A lot has transpired over the last week, but we are absolutely amazed how God works! As a family we have eagerly been seeking the Lord for vision. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Gabe was really encouraged to get honest with God. So he did. And he also encouraged me, as his wife, to pray, pray, pray for vision and direction. So I did.
In the midst of being honest with God, Gabe received a call from a friend who informed Gabe that he had referred Gabe for a coaching position at Rampart. They have a new head coach who was seeking out a varsity defensive coordinator. Well, our initial response was hesitant and not interested. Both of us love Pine Creek. We both love the community at Pine Creek, it feels like family to us. Gabe was headed into his 5th year coaching there, so he has really gotten to know the students. Not to mention, the coaching staff are great friends of Gabe's. I was in a place where I finally felt like I was getting to know the coaches wives. So the initial thought of leaving Pine Creek didn't appeal to either of us.
The head coach called Gabe. He thankfully interrupted Gabe when Gabe started to say he wasn't interested in the position. He went on and next thing Gabe knew, he had scheduled a meeting for later on in the week. Gabe had a great meeting with the head coach!
Over the past week, it has been so neat to watch God change both of our hearts. There was never a moment when Gabe was excited about this opportunity and I wasn't. We were always on the same track, thankfully! God open our eyes to the fact that it was HIM moving us on. It is only through Him that this door has opened. It is a tremendous opportunity for Gabe to be a varsity defensive coordinator for a 5A school. Gabe is more than ready for the challenge and is extremely humbled! So...to make this story shorter, we are now Rampart Rams. We will greatly miss everyone at Pine Creek! We will forever be Pine Creek fans, minus one game out of the year! Gabe is so thankful for the 4 years he was able to coach at Pine Creek, but he is excited for this new season of coaching God is leading him into!
As Gabe's wife, I couldn't be more proud of him. I know it's his desire to someday be a head coach, so I'm so excited for him. This is a huge step in the right direction and he will do a great job coaching the defense! There is just something great about seeing your husband SO excited! He definitely is!!

We will miss you Pine Creek!


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Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Congrats Gabe! We are so excited for this new opportunity for you!!!!