Monday, March 23, 2009

Week Two

Our new outdoor sanctuary! We are going to love hanging out on our CLEANED OUT balcony!!
(Thanks mom and stephie)

With both of her Auntie's!

First time meeting Auntie Stephie!

She can really kick her legs!!


Avery with Aunt Ash and Kim

She loves her naps on Daddy!

Bundled up!

Our first family walk!


The Gerster Family said...

She is just so BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

Audra and Roger said...

What precious picture of little Avery and her proud parents...and Aunts and Grandparents. Keep the pictures coming for those of us who are going to have to wait months to meet the little bundle of joy. Love and prayers!

SSJ said...

Looks like a great walk with that bundle of joy!

SSJ said...

I sure LOVED meeting my beautiful niece! I miss her already. Miss you guys! It went by way too fast!