Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Parents in training!

After Christmas, we "baby" sat sweet Dixie for a week and a half while my mom was in Europe for a cousins wedding. I say "baby" because Dixie is no ordinary dog, she might as well be a person! She was such a good buddy to have around, but really, I think this was "training" for me and Gabe. Our lives definitely changed during that time that Dixie stayed with us, we actually had something to take care of besides ourselves. That was just one of the small experiences God is using to prepare us for a much bigger responsibility. True parenting! As we get closer to our precious daughter's arrival, we are filled with excitement! We have been busy making a "home" for her; working on her nursery. I will keep you updated on that process and soon enough, I will be posting pictures of the finished product!


Audra and Roger said...

I hope you have a very blessed baby shower this weekend - I will be looking forward to pictures and stories of the festivities on here soon! All my love and prayers

SSJ said...

She is definitely no ordinary dog! I'm so glad you guys watched her -- parents in training alright!